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Cane Corso Rescue

Consider Adopting a Cane Corso in need

Looking for your next canine companion? Why not consider providing a home to a Cane Corso in need? There are many worthy, loving and sweet dogs that just need someone to care.

We believe very strongly in protecting and caring for this amazing breed. Below are several links to reputable rescue groups that can be contacted...if you can, please consider adopting, fostering and/or donating to Cane Corso Rescue. In an effort to better support those in need, we have donated this page to Canadian Cane Corso Rescue.

Successful Placements!

Cane Corso Rescue
Cane Corso Rescue  Cane Corso Rescue
2011 -- This is Tache! She has an Awesome Forever Home with Nicki!

Cane Corso Rescue  Cane Corso Rescue  Cane Corso Rescue
January 2011 - Archie Has Been Successfully Place In A Wonderful New Forever Home!
Cane Corso Rescue
Canadian Cane Corso Rescue: A Rescue Group that is based in Western Canada.

Cane Corso Rescue A National Rescue Group that is based in the United States and is working with us here in Canada to place dogs.

Big Paws Big Hearts Rescue: A Rescue Group that is based on the North East Coast of the United States.
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